Open Markets Letter to FTC regarding Facebook

Dear Acting-Chair Ohlhausen: We are writing to request that the Federal Trade Commission conduct a thorough review of Facebook’s dominance in social networking and online advertising; assess the hazards that this dominance poses to commerce and competition, basic democratic institutions, and national security; and issue recommendations on how to address these threats. Until this review […]

Open Markets Institute Statement: Google’s Proposed Remedy in Europe Fails to Deliver “Equal Treatment” and Threatens to Make the Problem Worse

On June 27, the European Commission ordered Google to treat rival price comparison services the same as it treats its own Google Shopping service. The EC demanded that Google implement this principle of “equal treatment” by today, September 28. Google’s proposed remedy, according to media reports, is to make Google Shopping an independent unit within Google […]

Open Markets Institute Statement on Klobuchar Bill

Last Thursday Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced two antitrust bills, “The Consolidation Prevention and Competition Promotion Act of 2017” and “The Merger Enforcement Improvement Act.” The Open Markets Institute applauds the Senator for recognizing that America has a monopoly problem and driving forward the conversation about how to address it. The bills build in important […]

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