Amicus Briefs

Brief of Amicus Curiae by Open Markets Institute in Support of Defendants and Appellants in Junkermeier, Clark, Campanella, Stevens, P.C. v. Alborn

February 12, 2020

On February 12, 2020, the Open Markets Institute filed an amicus curiae brief in the Supreme Court in the State of Montana urging the Montana Supreme Court to hold all non-competes to be unenforceable.

The case, Junkermeier, Clark, Campanella, Stevens, P.C. v. Alborn, involves a group of accountants restricted from practicing their trade by a former employer through the enforcement of a non-compete clause.

The brief, drafted by Thomas Singer and Amanda Hunter at the Axilon Law Group and joined by the Open Markets Institute, EIG, seven workers bound by non-compete clauses, and more than 20 individuals and businesses adversely affected by the enforcement of non-competes, cites an extensive body of research documenting how non-competes burden workers, harm the economy at large, and rest on specious justifications.

Read the Full Amicus Brief Here