The Washington Post: Pelosi’s Facebook slam reflects rising tensions between social media giant and Democrats

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Nancy Pelosi’s attacks on Facebook highlight how furious Democrats have become with the social network. 

The most powerful Democrat in the House accused the company with an office in her home district of cozying up to President Trump during a news conference yesterday. 

“All they want are their tax cuts and no antitrust action against them,” Pelosi said when asked whether Facebook was too powerful. “And they schmooze this administration in that regard because so far that’s what they have received.”

The House speaker’s words highlight how tensions between the tech titan and Democrats have escalated in the week since Facebook defied Democrats’ calls and announced it wouldn’t police the accuracy of ads run by politicians on their site.  Democrats warned the policy will benefit President Trump in 2020, especially because his campaign has already been able to run unchecked ads making misleading claims about former vice president Joe Biden.

For years, Facebook and other large Silicon Valley companies were widely viewed as Democratic darlings. But concerns that Facebook didn’t do enough to prevent Russian interference during the 2016 election marked a key turning point, and the company’s positions on fighting falsehoods have only strained it further.

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