Competition Philosophy

Public policies structure markets in ways that can make them open and competitive at one extreme or closed and cornered at the other. The most familiar example are anti-trust laws. But competition policy also includes patent laws, occupational licensing requirements, prohibitions on price discrimination, “net neutrality” regulations, and other policies that set the terms of competition within any market.

Barry Lynn on PBS FRONTLINE: Amazon Empire (02/18/2020)

Date Published: February 18, 2020

“We are not only consumers, we are also citizens,” says Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Open Markets and pioneer in the fight against Amazon. Watch the whole interview on PBS Frontline’s Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos. 

Read the first mainstream media article on Amazon’s threat to book authors and book publishers, by Barry Lynn in 2012, called “Killing the Competition.”

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Q&A with Demos President Sabeel Rahman

Date Published: January 9, 2020

K. Sabeel Rahman, the president of Demos, joined Open Markets researcher Udit Thakur to talk about the pitfalls of managerialism in policy-making, and what a truly democratic think-tank ecosystem might look like.

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In America today, wealth and political power are more concentrated than at any point in our country’s history.

The Open Markets Institute, formerly the Open Markets program at New America, was founded to protect liberty and democracy from these extreme -- and growing -- concentrations of private power.

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