Competition Philosophy

A Skeptical View of Information Fiduciaries

Date Published: February 25, 2019

The concept of “information fiduciaries” has surged to the forefront of debates on online platform regulation. Developed by Professor Jack Balkin, the concept is meant to rebalance the relationship between ordinary individuals and the digital companies that accumulate, analyze, and sell their personal data for profit. Just as the law imposes special duties of care, confidentiality, and loyalty on doctors, lawyers, and accountants vis-à-vis their patients and clients, Balkin argues, so too should it impose special duties on corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter vis-à-vis their end users.

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The Corner Newsletter, January 24, 2019: What Tim Cook Gets Wrong About Privacy — Congressman Proposes Bill to Fight Hospital Consolidation

Date Published: January 25, 2019

Welcome to The Corner. In this issue we point out the shortcomings of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s big plan to promote privacy and highlight one Republican congressman’s ambitious plan to counter hospitals’ monopoly power. We also share two feature articles by Open Markets in the new Washington Monthly on how fighting monopoly can help Democrats win the Senate, and on the secret anti-monopoly powers of the FTC.

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How to Close the Democrats’ Rural Gap

Date Published: January 14, 2019

In Claire Kelloway’s article “How to Close the Democrats’ Rural Gap” in the January/February issue of The Washington Monthly, she argues that antitrust needs to be part of this solution. She writes, “the biggest cause of growing regional inequality isn’t technology; it’s changes in public policy, embraced by both parties, that have enabled predatory monopolies to strip wealth away from farmers and rural communities and transfer it to America’s snazziest zip codes.”

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