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Today, from meat to beer to seeds, the food industry is highly consolidated. The removal of a long-standing ownership structure, one that distributed profit and opportunity across America’s landscape, means that now, most land and most animals are now cared for by corporations, not by individuals.

Food and Power: Addressing Monopolization in America’s Food System

Date Published: March 27, 2019

Monopoly affects the quality of our food and agriculture’s environmental footprint, making it a concern for both food producers and consumers, both in rural and urban areas. This brief documents the degree of concentration found in different agriculture-related sectors of the economy and lays out solutions for policymakers.

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How a New Corporate Model in Hog Farming Puts Rural Communities at Risk

Date Published: March 15, 2019

Many rural residents – including many farmers – do not want large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in their communities, as evinced by a growing number of efforts to halt new CAFOs or sue them for environmental damage. But a newly popular corporate structure for hog production makes it increasingly difficult for residents to even determine who owns a CAFO let alone seek justice through civil suits.

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Big Ag Eyes Big Aquaculture

Date Published: February 28, 2019

The world is eating more farmed fish, and global grain traders intend to control the fish feeding business much as they control the feeding of other farm animals. In her latest piece, Open Markets’ reporter Claire Kelloway looks examines the fastest growing form of food production in the world — aquaculture.

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To Revive Rural America, We Must Fix Our Broken Food System

Date Published: February 27, 2019

Open Markets fellow Austin Frerick argues on The American Conservative that America’s agricultural system has become extractive, and more and more of the profits are flowing to a few. It is little wonder that monopolies and corporate farms have grown more powerful at the expense of workers and family farmers.

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