Labor & Economic Freedom

Workers are the backbone of the American economy. But the growth of monopolies intensifies income inequality, suppresses wages, and erodes the political and economic well-being of workers.

The Old-School Answer to Global Trade

Date Published: April 5, 2019

Amid controversy over President Trump’s “new NAFTA”, Open Markets fellow Beth Baltzan joins the trade debate with a groundbreaking essay on the Washington Monthly calling for a bold rethink of America’s trade policies to curb corporate power, protect workers and the environment.

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Bloomberg: Labor Groups Petition U.S. FTC to Ban Non-Compete Clauses

Date Published: March 25, 2019

Bloomberg’s Josh Eidelson reports on Open Markets and its coalition members’ petition to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ban non-compete clauses from employee contracts and speaks to Open Markets legal direct Sandeep Vaheesan and other signatories. Non-competes impact 30 million workers in America today.

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In America today, wealth and political power are more concentrated than at any point in our country’s history.

The Open Markets Institute, formerly the Open Markets program at New America, was founded to protect liberty and democracy from these extreme -- and growing -- concentrations of private power.

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