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Online intermediaries have emerged as the railroad monopolies of the 21st century, controlling access to market and increasingly determining who wins and who loses in today’s economy. Their dominance drives inequality and afflicts citizens and business-owners in all corners of American society.


Are Tech Giants Too Big for Democracy? With Senator Al Franken

Date Published: November 8, 2017
 The following is a non-comprehensive collection of readings related to the issues discussed during our event with Sen. Al Franken on Nov. 8, 2017.   On Net Neutrality Net Neutrality: Why Artists and Activists Can’t Afford to Lose It W. Kamau Bell, The New York Times “This fair internet, where everyone from an amateur […] Continue Reading


Open Markets Letter to FTC regarding Facebook

Date Published: October 31, 2017
Dear Acting-Chair Ohlhausen: We are writing to request that the Federal Trade Commission conduct a thorough review of Facebook’s dominance in social networking and online advertising; assess the hazards that this dominance poses to commerce and competition, basic democratic institutions, and national security; and issue recommendations on how to address these threats. Until this review […] Continue Reading

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In America today, wealth and political power are more concentrated than at any point in our country’s history.

The Open Markets Institute, formerly the Open Markets program at New America, was founded to protect liberty and democracy from these extreme -- and growing -- concentrations of private power.

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