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Big Tech Is Spying on Your Wallet

Date Published: April 8, 2019

Open Markets Editorial and Policy Director Phil Longman published a feature piece on the Washington Monthly explaining how corporations primary objective in collecting your personal data is to gouge you. He explains how today’s big tech platforms are no different from historic network industries — railroads and the telegraph — and how considering price discrimination should be an important standard in the national privacy debate.

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The Old-School Answer to Global Trade

Date Published: April 5, 2019

Amid controversy over President Trump’s “new NAFTA”, Open Markets fellow Beth Baltzan joins the trade debate with a groundbreaking essay on the Washington Monthly calling for a bold rethink of America’s trade policies to curb corporate power, protect workers and the environment.

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Trump’s Big Tech Bluster

Date Published: March 6, 2019

Open Markets reporter Matthew Buck and Legal Director Sandeep Vaheesan publish an op-ed on The New York Times highlighting that while President Trump’s tweets criticize Facebook and Google, the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department is making life easier for potential monopolists in Silicon Valley.

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To Revive Rural America, We Must Fix Our Broken Food System

Date Published: February 27, 2019

Open Markets fellow Austin Frerick argues on The American Conservative that America’s agricultural system has become extractive, and more and more of the profits are flowing to a few. It is little wonder that monopolies and corporate farms have grown more powerful at the expense of workers and family farmers.

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Amazon deserves more than rejection from New York. It should be punished

Date Published: February 16, 2019

Amazon pulled out of its deal to build a corporate campus in New York City amid bad press, grassroots activists and local opposition lawmakers calling out the bad deal. Matt Stoller writes on The Guardian that Simply saying ‘no’ to its headquarters isn’t enough – Amazon should be investigated for abusing monopoly power.

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Amazon pulling out of New York is a victory for New Yorkers. Now Congress should examine its monopolistic actions.

Date Published: February 15, 2019

Amid news that Amazon pulled out of building its corporate campus in New York City thanks to bad press and the work of grassroots activists and local opposition lawmakers calling out the bad deal, Open Markets board member Zephyr Teachout writes on NBC News that people are fed up with big corporations bullying their employees and our elected officials. They’re going to keep fighting back.

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