Center for Journalism & Liberty


The core mission of the Center for Journalism and Liberty is to ensure that the news media of the United States and our democratic allies is fully independent and robustly funded in the 21st century’s digital economy. The Center’s work is guided by the belief that government plays a fundamental role in structuring news media markets and business models to ensure that neither the state nor any one or few private actors control the words or actions of reporters, editors and publishers. The center focuses on policy solutions with regard to privacy, platforms, business models, and content integrity.


The CJL team engages in reporting and deep research, fosters discussion, prepares op-eds and white papers and creates working groups, among other approaches to developing viable and practical solutions to sustaining the news ecosystem.  

  • Journalism Consultant Jody Brannon, Ph.D., serves as acting director, leveraging more than 25 years of digital news experience at mainstream media and nonprofit news sites. 
  • CJL Fellow Nikki UsherPh.D., is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Illinois and author of “Making News at the New York Times” and “Interactive Journalism: Hackers, Data, and Code. 
  • OMFellow Mya Frazier, an investigative journalist based in Columbus, Ohio, has reported widely on technology and business. 
  • OMI staff sharing their expertise includes Director of Enforcement Strategy Sally Hubbard and legal policy analyst Daniel Hanley, among others. 


The Center’s success depends on a vibrant exchange of ideas between scholars, industry executives and managers, government officials and thought leaders from many quadrants. Perhaps you. The CJL is building diverse advisory board as well as an academic advisory board. Please introduce yourself with a quick email here or share names of others interested in ensuring a sound financial future for journalism 


The Center for Journalism and Liberty will more narrowly focus on the media aspects of the broader anti-monopoly work of the OMI. Click here for early examples of OMI’s efforts to shine a light on monopoly power and the ways that it damages democracy.  


The Knight Foundation provided initial support to the Open Markets Institute to create the Center for Journalism and Liberty.  The three-year grant is to research into technology policy, specifically the impact of corporate concentration by internet companies on journalism and media. The negative effects of that concentration involve a wide range of overlapping issues including technology, privacy and data, utilities policy, finances and monetization, a trusted news ecosystem and access.  

The CJL seeks additional donors to support and expand its work. To explore opportunities to helpplease contact Gina Salerno, director of foundation relations. 

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