Press Release

Open Markets: FTC and DOJ Must Prove They Mean Business in Dealing With Big Tech Monopolies

Washington, DC — After years of calling out Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple for abusing their monopoly power, Open Markets is cautiously optimistic that law enforcers finally intend to protect American democracy and American capitalism from these behemoths.

“We certainly hope this is a move in the right direction,” said Open Markets Executive Director Barry Lynn, in reference to reports that the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are coordinating investigations of the four corporations. “We look forward to seeing this move translate into concrete meaningful action by the agencies charged with enforcing U.S. law.”

The news that the FTC has struck a deal with the DOJ to divvy up oversight of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple comes amid a growing bipartisan agreement that big tech’s power must be reined. Many foreign law enforcers and U.S. state attorneys general have already signaled their willingness to take action against the Silicon Valley giants.

Under the rumored agreement, the FTC will be in charge of investigating Facebook and Amazon while the DOJ will be in charge of investigations into Google and Apple.

Reporting the news earlier today, the New York Times noted Open Markets’ leading role in raising concerns about the power of these corporations and the danger it poses. The Times also noted that the issue is of growing importance to voters, with polls showing “growing anxiety about the influence of technology on American lives, and the issue has emerged as a litmus test for the 2020 Democratic presidential field.”

Press Contact: Stella Roque at Open Markets Institute, [email protected]