Press Release

Open Markets Institute Responds to FCC Chairman’s Recommended Approval of T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

Washington, DC – The below is a statement from Matthew Buck, Researcher and Reporter at Open Markets Institute, in response to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s official recommendation to approve the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger:

“From Net Neutrality on down, Ajit Pai continues to side with massive corporations over the American people. Today’s recommendation is no different​.

Should it proceed, T-Mobile’s market power will be immense – controlling ​roughly 50% of the pre-paid market. Furthermore, the deal will result in higher prices for all consumers, and worse phone service — especially for rural Americans.

For American consumers, there is no upside to this deal; the bipartisan group of 16 state attorneys general know that. The FCC knows it, Pai knows it, too – they just don’t care.”


Press Contact: Stella Roque at Open Markets Institute, [email protected]