Press Release

Open Markets Lauds Senator Warren’s Labor Plan for Using Antitrust to Advance Freedom for Workers

Washington, DC — The following is a statement from Sandeep Vaheesan, Legal Director of Open Markets Institute, regarding Elizabeth Warren’s new labor plan, which would stop mergers and acquisitions that enhance the power of corporations over workers and ban non-compete clauses and no-poach pacts between employers:

Senator Warren recognizes that antitrust law should be an integral part of a pro-worker agenda. Working and middle-class wages have flatlined for decades while those at the top swallow up more and more of this nation’s wealth. It’s time to tip the balance of power back into the hands of working people in this country. Warren proposes to use antitrust law, together with labor and employment law, to check the power of bosses and give workers voice on the job. 

She’s proposed a bold restructuring of our nation’s labor markets by banning non-compete clauses and no-poach agreements, giving workers freedom to move to better jobs for better wages, and halting mergers that would only further consolidate the labor market and entrench corporate power over employees. Elizabeth Warren has rolled out a comprehensive plan, and we applaud her efforts to return power to workers.

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Press Contact: Stella Roque at Open Markets Institute, [email protected]