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Krista Brown

Research Associate

Before joining Open Markets, Krista worked as an analyst at Future\Perfect Ventures, a venture fund that focuses on minority founders and decentralized technology start-ups in emerging markets. She helped deal source and perform due diligence for potential portfolio companies. She was also responsible for maintaining the company’s website, blog, and weekly newsletter. While at FPV, Krista organized the fund’s first Women in Blockchain Summit, which brought together leading women in blockchain to discuss the growth of decentralized technology and how to foster diversity in the sector. This Summit has since turned into a nonprofit, The Collective Future.

Prior to Future\Perfect, Krista spent a year in Dakar, Senegal where she researched the effects of private and public sector aid, while teaching microeconomics at the Institute of African Management. She has a B.A. in economics with a concentration in mathematics from Colby College. You can follow her on Twitter at @Krista3369.

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