America’s Monopoly Moment | Work, Innovation, and Control in an Age of Concentrated Power

“To rebuild an economy that works for everyone, not just the big guys, it is critical to reduce concentrated power in our markets,” U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren said at the Open Markets Institute event, America’s Monopoly Moment, this past week. Watch the event here.

December 6, 2017  |  by Open Markets
Amazon Bites Off Even More Monopoly Power

The company has established its level of dominance because of the failings of our current antitrust laws. To understand why, you first need to understand the scope of Amazon’s power.

June 21, 2017  |  by Lina Khan
The Decline of Black Business

And what it means for American democracy.

May 3, 2017  |  by Brian Feldman
Time to Fight Healthcare Monopolization

Compared to the discourse in the other party’s nomination process, the debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over health-care reform may have seemed thoughtful and on point. Clinton argued that Sanders’s “Medicare for all” plan was too expensive to ever become law and was also a threat to the progress achieved by the Affordable […]

October 2, 2016  |  by Phil Longman

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