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Open Markets Applauds Introduction of Bipartisan Bill Banning Non-Compete Clauses in U.S.

“Non-competes strengthen the power of corporate employers at the expense of millions of workers across America,” said Open Markets Legal Director Sandeep Vaheesan. “This is a huge step in advancing worker freedom, and we applaud Senators Young and Murphy for taking it.”

October 17, 2019  |  by Open Markets
Press Releases
Open Markets Institute Applauds Demand Justice’s Release of Non-Corporate SCOTUS Candidates

“Demand Justice’s call to elevate a diverse slate of judges who will stand up to concentrated corporate power is essential for creating a just, inclusive economy and democracy,” said Open Markets Deputy Director Sarah Miller.

October 15, 2019  |  by Open Markets
Press Releases
Out Today — Matt Stoller’s Shocking New Book “Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy”

Today, Open Markets Institute Fellow Matt Stoller released his new book Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy. “We are in a moment where capitalism is being seriously questioned, and Goliath explains why,” said Matt Stoller.

October 15, 2019  |  by Open Markets
Press Releases
Open Markets Applauds Senator Sanders’ “Bright Line” Standards Antitrust Plank

“We strongly applaud these common-sense rules for ending dangerous concentrations of power in our economy,” said Barry Lynn, Executive Director of the Open Markets Institute. “Bernie Sanders has a simple rule. If a company is too big, it should be made smaller.”

October 14, 2019  |  by Open Markets
Ranchers Rally for Fair Markets, Take Beef Checkoffs to Court

Open Markets’ Food & Power reporter Claire Kelloway reports on the “Stop the Stealin'” rally where nearly 500 cattle producers from 14 states rallied in Omaha, Nebraska to denounce corporate control over cattle markets and to demand that the Trump administration do something to fix it. She also covers developments in the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund (R-CALF)’s case for why beef checkoff funds should not go to private entities without ranchers’ consent. Here’s her latest on Food & Power.

October 11, 2019  |  by Open Markets

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Monopoly power is all around us: as consumers, business owners, employees, entrepreneurs, and citizens. Due to extreme concentrations of wealth and political power, our country is experiencing severe economic inequality, stagnant household income, the collapse of business formation and innovation, and historic levels of political polarization. Our Concentration Crisis Report shows that such concentration is not unique to one or two economic sectors. It is persistent across a diverse range of industries.