Five Myths About VA Healthcare

Philip Longman published “Five Myths About VA Healthcare,” which dispels misconceptions about the Veteran Administration’s delivery of care.

April 17, 2018  |  by Phil Longman
Fines for Facebook Aren’t Enough: The Open Markets Institute Calls on FTC to Restructure Facebook to Protect Our Democracy

The Open Markets Institute called on the Senate to confirm pending nominees to the FTC immediately so the agency has the capacity to address the clear danger Facebook presents.

March 22, 2018  |  by Open Markets
The New Brandeis Movement: America’s Anti-Monopoly Debate

Lina Khan published “The New Brandeis Movement: America’s Anti-monopoly Debate,” which identifies key tenets of the new anti-monopoly movement, in the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice.

March 13, 2018  |  by Lina Khan
The Supreme Court Case That Could Give Tech Giants More Power

Lina Khan published an op-ed in the New York Times explaining how the Ohio v. American Express Supreme Court case could shield tech corporations like Amazon, Google, and Facebook from antitrust scrutiny.

March 5, 2018  |  by Lina Khan
The Tyranny of Convenience

Tim Wu, Open Markets advisory board member, published an article in the New York Times explaining how an emphasis on consumer convenience can foster monopoly and homogeneity.

February 24, 2018  |  by Tim Wu
Tech Giants Are the Robber Barons of Our Time

Kevin Carty published an article in the New York Post explaining how big tech’s monopolistic rule is hiding in plain sight.

February 5, 2018  |  by Kevin Carty
How Rural America Got Milked

Leah Douglas published an article in Washington Monthly explaining how corporate-run agricultural co-ops are squeezing the very farmers they’re supposed to protect.

January 29, 2018  |  by Leah Douglas
How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us

Open Markets Institute Advisory Board Member Roger McNamee published an article in Washington Monthly explaining why the social media platform’s business model is such a threat—and what to do about it.

January 22, 2018  |  by Roger McNamee
Forget Consumer Welfare. This Antitrust Movement Targets Power Instead

The Open Markets Institute’s work documenting the effects of corporate concentration was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek.

January 18, 2018  |  by Open Markets
Why Universal Health Care Needs Antitrust

Phil Longman published an article in Democracy Journal about the need for antitrust enforcement to curb consolidation in the healthcare sector.

January 10, 2018  |  by Phil Longman

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