Monopoly Basics

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Entrepreneurship & Independent Business

Entrepreneurship is essential to economic progress and to upward mobility. But market concentration in the services, retailing, and light manufacturing industries has removed the incentive for small business owners to innovate, compete, and invest in research and development.

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Food & Agriculture

Today, from meat to beer to seeds, the food industry is highly consolidated. The removal of a long-standing ownership structure, one that distributed profit and opportunity across America’s landscape, means that now, most land and most animals are now cared for by corporations, not by individuals.

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Free Press & Platform Monopolies

Online intermediaries have emerged as the railroad monopolies of the 21st century, controlling access to market and increasingly determining who wins and who loses in today’s economy. Their dominance drives inequality and afflicts citizens and business-owners in all corners of American society.

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Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

American drug prices have only soared higher, even as innovation in the pharmaceutical industry continues to slacken. The effects of consolidation wreak havoc on the American healthcare system and on Americans' well-being.

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Labor & Economic Freedom

Workers are the backbone of the American economy. But the growth of monopolies intensifies income inequality, suppresses wages, and erodes the political and economic well-being of workers.

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Historically, Americans have joined together across party lines to contain political corruption by containing monopolies. It’s a lesson we need to learn again. Anti-monopoly policies that de-concentrate business prevent excessive concentrations of economic power so that democracy and freedom can flourish.

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Democracy & Monopoly

Airlines & Monopoly

Consumer Choice & Monopoly

Entrepreneurship & Monopoly

Health Insurance & Monopoly

Hospitals & Monopoly

Innovation & Monopoly

Workers & Monopoly

High Drug Prices & Monopoly

Regional Inequality & Monopoly

Monopoly by the Numbers

Income Inequality & Monopoly